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06/19/2022Samuel Gonzales A Father’s Time Well Spent (2022-06-19 Father's Day_Time Well Spent_Trim.mp4)
Sunday Morning Proverbs 22:6
2022-06-19 Father's Day_Time Well Spent_Trim.mp4
06/12/2022Pastor Samuel Still Waters (2022-06-12 Still Water Ps. 23.2_trmd.mp4)
Easter Sunday Service Psalms 23:2b
2022-06-12 Still Water Ps. 23.2_trmd.mp4
06/05/2022Samuel Gonzales Know Your Shepherds Voice (2022-06-05 Knowing Your Shepherds voice_Trim.mp4)
Sunday Morning Psalms 23:1b-2a
2022-06-05 Knowing Your Shepherds voice_Trim.mp4
05/15/2022Samuel Gonzales The Seventh Sin (2022-05-15_The 7th Sin_Prov 6.16-19.mp4)
Sunday Morning Proverbs 6:16-19
Proverbs 6:1-19 over all
2022-05-15_The 7th Sin_Prov 6.16-19.mp4
05/08/2022Samuel Gonzales Is It Well With You? (Mothers Day 2022 video_Trim.mp4)
Sunday Morning 2 Kings 4:26
A Mother's Day Message
Mothers Day 2022 video_Trim.mp4
05/01/2022Samuel Gonzales Search me, O God (2022-05-01 Search Me Oh God Ps. 39.23-24.mp4)
Sunday Morning Psalms 139:23-24; 140:1-7
2022-05-01 Search Me Oh God Ps. 39.23-24.mp4 Download 2022-05-01 Search Me Oh God Ps. 39.23-24.mp4

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